Mech backstory

I would like to create a sense of story with this Mech, showing where the Mech came from and where it would be at current time. I have two ideas currently. The first is that the Mech is used to fight battles in an army, piloted by a trained soldier. This army fighting for a […]

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Modelling the Mech

Once I had created sketches and finalised what I wanted my Mech to look like, I imported a straight on view into Maya. This allowed me to get the proportions and sizes correct for each object. I used the different manipulators to change the shapes of each object, slowly creating the Mech piece by piece. […]

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Mech sketches (Initial ideas)

These sketches were produce using a Wacom drawing tablet and Photoshop. When I produce the final sketches that will go on to be 3D animated, I will first use pencil and paper, then reproduce them in more detail in Photoshop, then 3D model them. These sketches are to try and get my mindset into the […]

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FMP Mood Boards

In order to gain some inspiration for my 3D animation, I looked at current images of Mechs. These are from a variety of films, games, tv shows and other images. These mechs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, some very resemblant of the human structure with added on weapons. While some look […]

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VR game mock up

I created assets of what the actual game would look like if it were to be fully produced. I used a render that Tom had produced of the battle arena with enemies everywhere. I used Adobe Illustrator to make an ammo count, health bar and score display. I took the neon look and feel that […]

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